August 1

   Do I have a difficult time “doing nothing”? If I have some quiet moments to myself, do I feel the need to take care of housework, fix-ups around the house, or find some new project to tackle?
  Even our heart takes time to rest between beats. It’s during quiet moments that I get a chance to listen to my feelings, and rest my head from constant thinking.Quiet time helps me recharge my emotional batteries, and bring some calm inside when there’s a swirl of different feelings and thoughts in my head and heart. If I’m used to being busy, doing “nothing” may be the most difficult “work” I’ve ever encountered.
  I can remember how good it feels when there’s gentle peace and calm around me. Maybe it’s time to start finding that inside of me too. It’s likely that I’ve wished my SO could be gentler, and calmer (in a good way). Maybe I just haven’t realized that maybe my partner could be hoping for the same thing in me?

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll take some time and start learning how to do “nothing”. I’ll give my thoughts and body a rest, and picture myself in a peaceful setting, and let these moments give me clearer insight into what’s most important in my life right no. I may be surprised, with practice, to find that a greater calm inside me produces magical results in the quality of my life, and our relationship.

Don’t rush to find happiness. You may outrun it. - BH

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