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April 9

   Most of the time, I don't give myself quiet time except when there seems to be time to do so. Sometimes, there seems to be 25 hours of work, turmoil, and struggle in a day. Usually, I put my nose to the grindstone, and put off any relaxing solitude until pressures ease.
   Yet, such solitude may be what I need most during periods of upheaval in my life. My thinking often becomes clouded when pressures surround me like a whirlwind. I might work hard to solve a problem, only to find out halfway through that I was using the wrong approach.
   Although I can't make a day longer than 24 hours, what I can do is improve the quality of my choices. To do this usually requires stepping back from my struggles, and trying to get a new perspective on them, by giving a chance for the dust to settle in my mind.
   Once I do, I can often see my problems and solutions with new clarity. When I get back to tackling my challenges, I'm surprised at how my new frame of mind has turned mountains into molehills.

Just for Today
   When I don't seem to have any time in the day for myself, I know that's the most important time to take some quiet moments.
   Today I'll treat quiet time as an investment in my day, not something that takes away from it. It's helping me to handle my challenges, and is an important stepping stone to finding good solutions.

Your most important time may be a "timeout".

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