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April 7

   Good and bad times in a relationship seem to be as natural as hills and valleys during a country ride . When I'm going through tough times, I may find myself looking at others, and wondering whether I could be happier with them than I am with my SO.
   Looking at the other fish in the sea is a natural part of human nature; my imagination and curiosity are constantly working to explore all the possibilities that can lead me to greater happiness.
   Sometimes though, I begin to find someone else more and more attractive. Maybe they pay me special attention, don't seem to have faults that my SO has, or seem to exciting, charming, calm, confident, or whatever characteristics I find attractive.
   When my emotions start leading me in such directions, it's be time to stop and do a reality check. How much of this person's true character am I able to see? When I'm with others, don't I usually try to put my best face forward, to accentuate my "good" qualities, and keep things I don't like about myself hidden?

Just for Today
   Today I'll think about whether I'm attracted to someone because of a series of favorable impressions, and ask myself whether I'm really seeing the whole person, or just the parts they want to show me.
   My partner may not be perfect, but neither am I. But I do have a much better idea of who my SO is than just about anyone else. Reality is always a more solid foundation than illusion.

A false impression is a lie that's all dressed up.

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