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April 6

   "Couch potato" is a phrase that's often used to describe men more than women. Some jokingly refer to a remote control as the most important tool to be invented since fire.
   I may complain at times about the amount of "wasted" time my SO spends in front of the TV, or pursuing similar "escapes" I wish they could spend more time with me, not just sit in the same room, or same home.
   How much time do I spend, however, in similar ways? I probably have things I do that I use as escapes as well. Often I feel I need time to get away from my worries and problems to give myself time get a fresh outlook, or a chance to recharge my energy levels.
   The danger in "getting away from it all" though is that I may choose activities which simply kill time for me, and dull pain or turmoil I'm feeling. When I make such choices, problems that I left behind seem just as large or scary later. It's only when I get away to activities that are truly good for me that I'm able to come back to my problems with a renewed sense of energy, a new confidence, and additional calm inside.

Just for Today
   When I want to get away from turmoil in our relationship or other uncomfortable feelings, do activities I choose help numb those feelings, or give me a a renewed sense of energy and and inner calm? I have only so many hours and minutes in each day; once any are wasted, I can never recapture them.
   Today I'll try to use my time as best I can for me, and get the most out of each moment.

When we kill time, we are the victims.

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