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April 5

   When I look at some of the qualities my SO has that irritate me, have I stopped to consider how important they are?
   Perhaps my partner prefers doing dishes once a day, but I can't stand leaving them this long. Or they like going to bed early, but I feel my most energetic at their bedtime. Maybe I cringe at their taste in clothes, and wish I could replace their whole wardrobe.
   Getting irritated over such differences seldom results in real change however. Sure, my SO may change for a while for me, but because they are changing for me, things go back pretty much to the way they were before, sooner or later.
   If I let them be themself though, and accept that we're different people, I can start letting go of my need to have them change. The more I accept smaller differences, the more time and energy I have left to deal with larger ones that may exist, as well as my own personal growth. Do I want to have my mind occupied by more problems, or my heart occupied by more love?

Just for Today
   Do I have the right to expect my SO to change for me? Why should I expect them to change, when I'm not willing to change my attitude about how I let our differences bother me?
   Today I'll give both of us the freedom to be ourselves, and relish the additional serenity it gives me. The happier I am, the less those differences will bother me anyways.

It takes a big person to overlook small differences.

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