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April 4

   How successful do I consider our relationship right now? If I were to give it a grade, would it be an "A", a "C+", or an "F", or somewhere in between?
   When I look at how things are going with my SO, and also look at how adequate I feel in the quality of love I'm giving, I may start feeling unhappy with both. I feel shortchanged, as if things should be better than they are.
   If I were building a home with my SO, however, and doing all the work myself, would my results be as good as I'd like them in that endeavor? Likely not. The less experience I have with all the large and small details that go into constructing a solid, beautiful home, the more likely I am to make mistakes.
   I may be able to contract out many of the jobs that go into building a home, but I don't have that option in building our relationship. What I can do is accept that my present difficulties may be a natural part of my inexperience. In doing so, I can see the advantages of learning from others' experiences, perhaps by talking to more experienced couples, studying books on relationships, attending relationship workshops, and putting in the same kind of effort I need to learn any new skills well.

Just for Today
   When things in our relationship aren't as good as I'd like them to be, I'll remember that we both still have much to learn about how to "build" a good relationship.
   Today I'll adopt the same attitude I use when learning any other important new skills, by searching out opportunities to expand my knowledge and understanding.

Most skilled tradesmen were apprentices at first.

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