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April 30

   Much talk is made of "women's intuition". The fact is, I have an inner sense that tells me whether something is true or not, and whether someone is "genuine".
   I experience this sometimes as a "little bell ringing in my head", a "gut feeling", or a "hunch". Often, I can't explain why the feeling is there, but when I look back to the times I felt it strongly, I see that it often gave me important insights.
   I struggle at times with trying to find out what my intuition is trying to tell me about something in our relationship. Sometimes it gives me a feeling that something isn't quite right, when I can't find a single logical reason to "think" that way.
   In trusting my intuition, I don't necessarily have to know exactly what it's telling me, or why at the moment. If I accept that it's a very valuable part of me, I can use it as an early warning system. It helps me to take some time to sit quietly, or talk to friends, and discover something that I may have missed seeing.

Just for Today
   Although my brain and my emotions tell me important things about what is happening in my life and in our relationship, there will always be things that slip by the "logical" part of me.
   Today I'll take time to learn how to trust and understand my intuition more, recognizing it's an important part of me. I'll spend the quiet time I need to hear its whispers inside of me.

Intuition comes very close to clairvoyance; it appears to be the extrasensory perception of reality. - Alexis Carrel

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