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April 3

   With all the domestic violence I read about these days, sometimes I feel as if anger should be outlawed in marriages, if not in society as a whole.
   In my own relationship, I've had times when I got angry and may have said something I later regretted. There were other times when my SO may have gotten angry, and did or said something that hurt.
   Anger is a very natural emotion, and when used constructively, it becomes a powerful tool for positive change. Unless I've experienced such use of anger in my life however, I'm likely very wary of it, and downright afraid of it at times.
   When I'm angry at my SO, it may be a good time to find new ways of getting my anger to work for me. By being aware of the damage that anger can do, I can look for better ways of handling it. For example, beating a pillow, going for a brisk walk, writing down my feelings, or yelling out how I feel in a safe place, are all things I can do to get in touch with my anger. In doing so, I'll get greater insight as to why I'm angry, and see what I need to do to protect myself from hurt better.

Just for Today
   When I get angry about something in our relationship, I'll remind myself that anger can be constructive, and not necessarily destructive.
   Today I'll experiment with different ways of expressing my anger safely, and let it work for me. I'll try to let it bring me to insights that help me improve my life, and the quality of our relationship.

Anger is just one letter short of danger.

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