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April 24

   Right now, am I in a relationship where I'm wondering if I made the right choice in picking my partner? I look at the amount of struggles I'm going through, and feel pangs of envy whenever I see other couples that seem happy.
   Perhaps I've been through a number of relationships, and left each one for what I thought was something better, only to find out that my hopes of happiness were dashed again.
   If I look at other things in my life, I might find the same pattern there. I buy something that brings me temporary joy, only to have that feeling wear off quickly, and my eyes start looking for other things I think will make me feel better: clothes, furniture, cars, jewelry, etc.
   Where do I find happiness? Is it in getting things or people that measure up to my expectations, or is it in finding out what makes me truly happy?

Just for Today
   Today I'll take the time to appreciate the special moments that come my way during the next 24 hours. I'll try to rediscover things that bring me warm feelings inside - delighting in a friendly conversation, laughing at a shared joke, a caring hug, and kind words of encouragement.
   Maybe I don't need a different life; maybe what I need is a new outlook that will help me unwrap the little and big gifts of happiness that come my way every day.

Many search for happiness as we look for a hat we wear on our heads. - Nikolaus Lenus

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