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April 20

   I'm at a party without my SO, and someone I've been flirting with all night invites me to their apartment for a nightcap. I accept, remembering a vicious argument I had with my partner hours before, and deciding I deserve to have some fun once in a while.
   Or I storm out of the house after a heated exchange, and climb into my car, and decide to go racing down the street, squealing my tires, to let my SO know how angry I am.
   When I make choices on the spur of the moment in anger, or some other passionate emotion, I not only endanger myself and our relationship, but other people as well. If I sleep with someone who has unwittingly picked up the AIDS virus, I could spend the rest of my life regretting that one night, after I and my partner both get infected as well. Or my life is filled with the image of my car unsuccessfully trying to avoid a small child that darted out in front of me.
   Whatever strong emotions I may feel at times in our relationship, they aren't worth ruining a life over. At such times, it will help me to remember to "think first". If I do, I can usually find healthier and safer ways of venting my feelings, ones that bring me to better solutions, instead of regrets.

Just for Today
   No matter what happens in our relationship, I'll try to remember that "this too shall pass".
   Today if I"m tempted to do something I might later regret, I'll stop and think first.
   I'll find safe and healthy ways of venting my emotions

A moment's bad choice can bring a lifetime of regret.

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