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April 13

   Some days it's an effort just to drag myself out of bed. All of us go through periods of depression at times. Often, those periods are triggered by a major loss or difficulty - illness, the death of someone close, a job loss, a major problem in our relationship, and so on. When we get down, we feel like a burden to our SO, and often that depresses us even more.
   Depression is a normal part of any major loss. My body and emotions shut down to help me grieve, and to give me time to cope with the emotional blow I've received. When I try to "snap out of it", it's often as futile as trying to run on a broken leg, simply because I feel it should be healed already.
   The best medicine I can give myself during such periods of depression is the comfort, friendship, and love of others. When I share my grief, my load becomes lighter, and I let my healing take its natural course. I give others the joy of sharing their strengths and love. In the end, my sharing becomes a source of inspiration to them, instead of a burden - an example they can use when they hit a difficult time.

Just for Today
   Today, if I find myself depressed over a loss in my life, the first thing I'll do is stop kicking myself. I'll search out the comfort and love of my partner and friends, and let my natural healing be an example that will someday help them and others as well.

In giving we receive. In receiving, we give. - Anonymous

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