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April 12

   Unless this is my first serious relationship, I'll still likely have feelings about a former lover. The feelings may be of friendship, hate, or indifference, but when someone has been that close to me, their memory can trigger all kinds of emotions in me.
   Sometimes, a former partner will will re-enter part of my life in a different way; maybe they have common friends, or work for the same employer, or simply cross my path regularly. If I find my former attraction to them resurfacing, it will probably invoke some anxious thoughts and feelings inside me, especially if they give me signals they're feeling the same way. If I broke up with them for reasons I later regretted, I may have a hidden desire to "set things right".
   What would I accomplish by acting on such feelings? Is it realistic to expect someone who wants me to break my current commitment to be able to form a true commitment to me? If I yearn for someone to love me for who I am, aren't I doing exactly the opposite if I decided to discard my current SO for someone "better"?

Just for Today
   If I feel a strong attraction for a former partner, I'll ask myself if I'm attracted more to what might be, while forgetting that people change very slowly.
   Today I'll decide if being loved for who I am is important to me, and ask myself if I'm willing to give the same to my current SO. If I am, I'll take time to find out where my feelings are coming from, and what they can teach me.

Sometimes, the only reason the grass is greener on the other side is that there are more cowpies. - BH

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