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April 10

   How much do my expectations in my relationship come from my views of the roles female and male partners should play? For example, in the list of chores and responsibilities below, which ones do I take the most responsibility for simply because of my gender?
   Housework, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, bill paying, taking out the garbage, car repairs, home repairs, mowing the lawn, paying bills, driving, paying the tab at a restaurant.
   Do I also make my relationship choices based on how I think a good relationship should work, or do I look at what actually works, and discard tradition when it interferes?
   How my parents interacted, or what works for others may help serve as a guide, but every relationship is unique. As I look at areas of our relationship where conflicts occur, I can see places where I've fit into old roles that may hurt us, more than help us. In not chaining myself to tradition, I'll find that true equality begins to appear more often, and co-operation replaces confrontation.

Just for Today
   Am I handling particular responsibilities in our relationship mainly because it's traditional for my gender to do so?
   Today I'll take a careful look at the pros and cons of such choices. I'll try to work out solutions with my SO that fit our needs best, and use past role models only as much as they actually help us. Doing so will help us both expand our capabilities, and to let go of arguments based on hand-me-down expectations.

An expectation is a premeditated resentment

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