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April 1

   It's impossible to live without taking risks. A task as simple as driving a car puts me at the mercy of other drivers, no matter how careful I am. Even if I were to close myself off from the rest of the world in a concrete bunker, a simple germ in the air could infect me and cause me great illness, or even death.
   I don't have a choice about whether I take risks or not. All I can control is what type of risks I voluntarily take. Whether I take a particular risk usually depends on how informed I am about the possible consequences and rewards, and what my experiences have been like in the past.
   In my relationship, do I tend to try and read my partner's mind at times in deciding whether a particular risk is worth taking? For example, I want to tell them more about my sexual beliefs and fantasies, but I'm afraid it will create a wedge between us, instead of bringing us closer together by sharing an important part of me.
   When I hide who I truly am, I believe I'm taking the safe route. I'll probably find, however, that all I'm doing is increasing the risk that our relationship is based on illusion rather than truth.

Just for Today
   If I've been afraid of taking thoughtful risks in our relationship, I'll ask myself why. Have I had bad experiences in the past with risk? If I have, I'm older and wiser now.
   Today I'll try to take little risks that are worthwhile, and do what I can to regain my confidence. When I give risks the thought and care they deserve, they give control back to me, not fear.

Sometimes you have to go out on a limb to reach the fruit.

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