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Affairs (18)
Affairs & infidelity

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Helpful books and videos available online

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Separations & splitting up

Common Law (2)
Common-law and cohabitating information & resources

Dating (71)
Dating info and services

Divorce (22)
Divorce support, legal info, and resources

Marriage (36)
Marriage resources and support

Non-monogamous (7)
Open marriage, swinging, and other non-monogamous relationships

Online Personals and Penpals (40)

Premarital (2)
Before the marriage

Remarriage (1)
Remarriage issues including step-children

Romance (60)

Same Sex (2)
Gay and lesbian relationship resources

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Lady Mystery's Home of Inner Healing - A site dedicated to the healing of issues that get in the way of having healthy relationships with partners, children, and family members. (Added: 22-Oct-2003)
Letter to America - The Nightmare of American Relationships Explained - A healing British analysis . . (Added: 28-Aug-2002)
Licensed Family and Marriage Counseling - Individual, marriage, familly counseling, sports motivation counseling, relationship counseling, divorce counseling, spanish and english spoken (Added: 16-Feb-2004)
Life Improvements - Inspirational tapes on Christian marriage by a counselor with 11 years experience and who is married. (Added: 27-Nov-2003)
LifePartners Relationship Coaching and Conservation - Relationship Coaching and Personal growth guidance for singles and couples. Bring new passion and aliveness to relationships. We teach the skills essential to mastering the art of relationship. (Added: 28-Dec-1998) - This is the site of Dr. Ellen Kreidman, creator of the highly successful relationship programs Light His Fire and Light Her Fire. (Added: 17-Aug-1998)
Lost Love Project (Added: 30-May-1998)
Love and Marriage Quotations (Added: 30-May-1998)
Love and Relationship Advice From Susie and Otto Collins - FREE Love and Relationship advice and tips that will help you create outstanding love and relationships. Based on the ideas of Spiritual Partnership. (Added: 10-Mar-2000)
Love Calculator (Added: 30-May-1998)
Love Happens (Added: 30-May-1998)
Love Test (Added: 30-May-1998)
Love-sessions - Advice on dating, relationship, and sexual issues. Personal and discreet. (Added: 10-Mar-2002) - In Love? Want love, romance? Express LOVE! Advice, Chat, Personals, Info, and more. (Added: 07-Jan-1999)
Loveplex (Added: 30-May-1998) (Added: 30-May-1998) (Added: 30-May-1998)
Mark's Apology Note Generator (Added: 30-May-1998)
Mark's Bitch Letter Generator for Women (Added: 30-May-1998) - The official site of Dr. John Gray, author of the best selling book Men are from Mars Women are from Venus. (Added: 12-Mar-2003)
Matters of - Everything you need for the heart---from all things romantic for new love to first aid for the broken heart. Featuring Love advice, Books, Poetry, Romantic Ideas, and More! (Added: 01-Oct-2003)
Michael Stone on Relationsips - GOT RELATIONSHIPS ?? Michael Stone on Relationsips. This a great place to share your problems,questions etc. lots of on-line information. (Added: 11-Jun-1999)
Mirrored Reflections - motivatinal and spiritual poems relating to family living, regarding the problems of every day. (Added: 27-Jan-2003)
More Relationships From the Advice Sisters - the unofficial web site of THE ADVICE SISTERS, genuine twins, relationship experts with nearly 2.5 million fans both on and offline, and cupid's appointed messengers to counsel lonely singles and help them write the happy ending to their own love stories! (Added: 23-Apr-1999)
My Old Flames - Find your Old Flames here. (Added: 23-Mar-2004)
Ojaanam - A Site to Romance with - India's First romantic protal dedicted to love, romance and relationship. A must for every heart. (Added: 27-Jun-2000)
Photo analysis: Uncover the truth behind the picture - Body language reading has now evolved into a new level! (Added: 21-Feb-2004)
Rameshaneja2002 - an astro site about man/woman relationships,female horoscopy,chastity,adultery,marriage,compatibility,impotency-frigidity (Added: 01-May-2004)
Relationship Advice At Your Fingertips! - Affordable and quick! This is where people are going for advice! Your situation is handled with care and treated with compassion. (Added: 06-Sep-2003)
Relationship Central (Added: 30-May-1998)
Relationship Coaching - coaching provides the environment and structure for breakthroughs (Added: 04-May-2004)
Relationship Growth Online (Added: 30-May-1998)
Relationship Improvement Center - Improve your relationship by following our unique method (Added: 24-Feb-2004)
Relationship Learning Center - Articles, Getting the Love You Want workshops for couples, counseling (Added: 02-Dec-2002)
Relationship Repair Book Entitled I'm Sorry - A relationship repair guide for anyone who experiences hurt in a relationship. IM SORRY promotes love, respect, and honesty in a relationship. (Added: 10-Jun-2003) Advice on Love, Romance, Relationships & Family - This site was created by a psychotherapist and includes relationship guides, discussion forums, stories, humor, polls, reminders, chat rooms, romantic getaways, and more. (Added: 25-Aug-1999) - Greeting cards for almost every situation pertaining to relationships (Added: 11-Oct-2002)
Relationships and You - Relationship tips and information, based on the latest research on how the relationship process and the human personality works. (Added: 24-Sep-2003)
Responsible Parenting, Inc. (Added: 30-May-1998) Matrimonials - India's most popular Internet matrimonial service. (Added: 17-Dec-2002)
Satori LifeLine Relationship programme - A unique online NLP programme for removing all barriers to successful relationships (Added: 27-Feb-2004)
Sexual Mastery - Sexual Mastery is THE place to find information, products and services to increase your sexual health, performance and enjoyment! (Added: 19-Mar-2002)
Single Again Peer to Peer Support and Discussions. - Single Again to support each other in their efforts to refocus their lives after experiencing a Separation, Divorce or the loss of a Spouse . (Added: 04-Nov-2003)
Singles, Couples, Love & Relationship Advice - The Art of Loving is your information resource for advice on love & relationships. Learn the skills you need to create love, intimacy, & passion in your life. (Added: 26-Aug-2000)
Slumber Parties - Slumber Parties distributors help women embrace their sexuality and take charge of their loves lives -- through the private sales of lingerie, lotions, and bedroom accessories. (Added: 18-Dec-2002)
Solo Lifestyles for Singles (Added: 30-May-1998)
Solo Parents Network - Single Parents Social Club (Added: 08-Apr-2002)
Survey of men (Added: 30-May-1998) - Dr.wolkower's advice on how to survive a bad breakup and love and date again (Added: 29-Oct-2003)
Taller Women and Shorter Men (Added: 30-May-1998)

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