Resources and info on emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse
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Resources and information for dealing with past or present emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse of children

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Dear Laura - Free advice-how to get out,what do I do next,women sharing their stories and lots more (Added: 28-Aug-2002)
Information on Dealing with Rape and Abuse - Resources on surviving abuse and violence, as well as statistics and warning signs of a potential abuser. (Added: 23-Mar-1999)
Learning to forgive the unrepentant - Backstabbers. Slanderers. Unfaithful Spouses. Theives. Molesters. Terrorists. How do some people manage to truly forgive their arrogant and remorseless offenders? (Added: 20-Aug-2003)
Multiplicity, Abuse & Healing - Purpose: Site provides resources for exploration, general education of the main issues involved in Multiple Personality Disorder and/or Dissociative Identity Disorder MPD/DID and more generally abuse. (Added: 01-Aug-1999)
Stop Abuse with - A site that wants to expose the coruption behind abuse. (Added: 02-Mar-2002)
The Help Line - The Help Line is a non profit, crisis counseling service, offering free telephone counseling to people in the United States and Canada. (Added: 07-May-2000)
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