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Abuse (10)
Resources and info on emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse

Addiction and CoAddiction (137)
Alcoholism, workaholism, drug, sex, gambling and food addictions

Counselling and Therapy (61)
Online advice, therapists, and organizations

Discussion Boards (8)
Online forums dealing with relationships, affairs, recover, mental health, addiction, etc.

Mental Health (7)
Mood disorders, depression, and other mental health resources

Miscellaneous (15)

Personal Pages (4)
Personal home pages of people visiting relationshipweb

Recovery and Codependency (72)
Self-help, recovery and codependency resources

Relationships (417)
Marriage, divorce, affairs, breakups, books, videos, non-monogamy, dating, romance, same-sex, remarriage, common-law, personals and penpals

Religion and Spirituality (24)

There are 755 links for you to choose from!

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