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Questions, responses, & comments about relationships from past forum postings
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  • A few words - Lynda
    ..talks about part of the process she went thru recovering from the pain of Bernd's affairs.
  • Random Thoughts - assorted
    ...various thoughts from postings.
  • Love, versus the feeling of love - Bernd
    ...explores the relationship between genuine love, and the feelings we interpret as love.
  • On radical love - mzet
    ...finds he now looks at love in much different ways than before his wife's affair.
  • On Love - mzet
    ...explores more thoughts on love and acceptance.
  • Good Friday Miracle - Bernd
    ..tells the true story of a spiritual "coincidence" that was pivotal in renewing commitment to his marriage.
  • Gifts from a Higher Power - Susan
    ...shares the impact on her of poems posted in the forum.
  • Poems - assorted
    ...a collection of original poems on love, relationships, and recovery, posted in the forum.
  • Fears as Blessings - Claudia her perspective on the blessings of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).
  • Dealing with Depression - Damaged Shields
    ..explores her own struggles with depression, and the reasons behind hers and other people's.
  • Go with the flow - Aveena
    ...a powerful metaphor, about how we can be like "water", and let problems flow around or through us. A must read!
  • Unconditional Love - Robert
    explores the term "unconditional love".

Newest Entries

  • Some key components to wrecking marriages - Happily Married
    ..shares his thoughts about what makes or breaks a marriage.
  • Forgiveness - Susan
    ...shares a powerful short article on forgiveness she found on another web site.
  • Loneliness (to isis) - trish
    ...shares her struggles over loneliness with a newfound forum friend.
  • This and that - kim
    ...shares her discoveries about being more loving in her relationship with herself.

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