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Questions, responses, & comments about relationships from past forum postings
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  • Need Advice on Moving On - BuddyJ
    ..breaks up with his girlfriend after she continues her job as a stripper, but feels guilty about dating so soon after the breakup.
  • Having Difficulty with sexual boundaries - Cautious
    ..feels insecure about "being available again", and wants to date but doesn't want a sexual relationship.
  • Wife not in love with me - David, S.
    ...feels confused when his wife of 17 years says she loves him, but isn't "in love" with him, and isn't interested in sex anymore.
  • Sexuality - Mary
    ..finds herself still fantasizing about women, and worries about its effect on her 7 year marriage.
  • Is this normal? - Michael
    ..constantly thinks about having sex, and wonders if it's normal.
  • Relationships through divorce - Cautious
    ..struggles with conflicting values in choosing to have sex in a new relationship, before her divorce is final.
  • Rude Awakening - silent crier
    ..despairs over why her new husband has withdrawn almost completely sexually, after a magical and intense beginning.
  • She's lost that Loving Feeling- Sexually Frustrated
    ..believes that his wife's weight struggles have caused her to lose almost all interest in sex.
  • Did I blow it? - Kim
    ..feels puzzled in the aftermath of a one-night stand with a former boyfriend who's still married.
  • Fake orgasms - Boots scared to tell her boyfriend she has been unable to have an orgasm with him.
  • I can't have an orgasm - NeedHelp
    ..hasn't had an orgasm in years, despite trying everything she can think of to get one in 3 successive relationships.
  • To the men: Question - concerned also having a difficult time having an orgasm, and is afraid to talk to her boyfriend about it
  • Some thoughts in response to sexual questions - Bernd
    ..explores some of the sexual issues brought up in questions to the comment forum.
  • Moresome - Robert
    ..wonders what would be wrong about going through with a threesome that both he and his wife want to explore.
  • Scared - Barry unsure of the ramifications of continuing a sexual relationship with his estranged wife's ex-husband's ex-wife.

Newest Entries

  • Sex after having a baby - joy
    ...feels she no longer has any excuse for not getting turned on sexually with her husband, 7 months after the birth of their first child.
  • Bad sex - wanting it
    ..finds her lack of orgasms with her boyfriend are causing friction in the relationship, and is considering leaving him.
  • Addictive - Wizzard
    feels his 26 year marriage has become an "addictive" type of relationship, and finds sex happens only a few times a year.

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