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Questions, responses, & comments about relationships from past forum postings
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  • I could really use some advice - Nocturnal
    ...wonders how to win back his girlfriend's love, after a "temporary" separation turns out to be a possibly permanent one.
  • I Think I want her back - William
    ..has a magical first year in his first serious relationship, only to have things crumble in the second year, after he discovers he has ADD and his girlfriend dumps him for a gynecologist.
  • Finding it hard to leave - Ms secret
    ..wants to break up with her boyfriend of 3 years, but is scared to.
  • Unsure of my relationship - Mel confused about whether to permanently end a 14 year marriage, or hang on while continuing in joint counseling.
  • Letting go - Barry
    ..isn't sure whether sending a Mother's Day card to his recently estranged wife will be taken the wrong way.
  • Cold and unemotional - Barry
    ..finds himself feeling more and more down as well as financially strapped, as his ex-wife becomes more emotionally cold with him and his child support payments increase to $520 a month.
  • Boyfriend Says It's All Over - Trick hurt and confused, after her boyfriend calls it quits for the second time.
  • Broken Heart - WineGirl
    ..finds herself more devastated by the breakup of a 1 1/2 year relationship, than she did over her earlier divorce from a 12 year marriage.
  • Heart recently broken - taz sad & confused & depressed, after being dumped by a man she loves "more than life itself".
  • Separation - Karl
    ..wants to know the stages a person goes through after a marriage separation.
  • I still love my husband - lost
    ..wants to give the marriage another try, but her husband wants to "just be friends" because he's scared of being hurt again.
  • She says I'm holding her back - Barry mystified when his estranged wife tells him he's "holding her back" from getting on with her life.
  • Burned twice - candy
    ..feels betrayed as her boyfriend keeps ping-ponging between her and his ex.
  • Children and divorce - Cautious
    ..finds it hard to get a balance between taking care of herself, and her children's pain in the aftermath of a divorce.
  • Four year relationship gone? - DWN
    ...struggles with an on-again, off-again relationship - especially after his SO has a relationship with a much younger man.
  • What now? - Confused
    ...finds herself getting VERY mixed signals from her boyfriend of 7 years, after numerous breakups in which he had other relationships.
  • Lost in guilt and control - Barry
    ..feels he's in a "lose-lose situation", as anger from his estranged wife - and his own pain over their breakup - increase.
  • Kids and divorce - married twice
    ..wants advice on helping kids though divorce, after leaving a 20 year relationship.
  • If Only Earlier - Lady "G"
    ..wishes she would have had the insights she needed to rebuild her relationship, instead of leaving her son's father.
  • What have I done? - Randy G.
    ..discovers his girlfriend has changed her mind about starting over, after they both agreed to spend some time apart.
  • Me again - Kim
    ...finds the pain of a recent breakup crushing in, and wonders "Why do all the men in my life leave me?"
  • I could use a hug - Claudia
    ..discovers her son is using drugs, while her divorce proceedings against her estranged husband become even more difficult.

Newest Entries

  • Dealing with guilt - della
    ...feels miserably guilty, after her ex threatens suicide because she finally ended their relationship
  • Post-Divorce Transition - Jark
    ..still finds himself sobbing 5 years after the breakup of a very difficult and draining marriage.
  • I set myself up for the fall - Dean
    ...gets a setback trying to mend a broken relationship, when he finds his ex has still been seeing a former lover.
  • Now what?- Dean
    ...wonders if he should make a first move in trying to repair an awkward relationship with his ex-girlfriend.
  • We talked today - Dean
    ..sees some positive changes in his relationship with his ex.
  • Still dealing with things - Della struggling with painful doubt over whether she should have tried harder in her former relationship.
  • Will she stay or leave? - Cloakie
    ...wonders what his wife will do, after she tells him she's been unhappy during all of their 6 year marriage.
  • Another Long Day - Lenny left suddenly without explanation by a woman he had hoped to spend his life with.
  • Trouble with my girlfriend - Lonelyguy
    ..finds an incident at a wedding is the final straw for his girlfriend of several years, who tells him she's "tired of your crap".
  • What should I do now? - Unsure
    ..doesn't know how to handle the breakup of a 3 year relationship with his first true love.
  • Trust, Fights, and the Quiet Game - Joe
    ..finds that past lies are contributing to current fights with his girlfriend, and a likely breakup.

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