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Questions, responses, & comments about relationships from past forum postings
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  • How do men want women to love them - dove in love with a man who has Huntington's Disease, who is balking at any real closeness.
  • Dealing with a Divorcee - Juggler
    ...feels he's being dissuaded from spending time with a divorcee he's in love with, because of her fears over how their relationship will affect her kids.
  • Confused - Confused feeling strong attractions for another man, after getting back together with her boyfriend of 4 years following a breakup.
  • Having difficulty dealing with our problems - MN
    ...struggles with insecurity, confusion, hopelessness and pain in a second marriage for both partners, after ongoing problems with ex-spouses die down, and the couple begins dealing with problems in their own relationship.
  • Separated by 3000 miles - Totally Confused
    ...gets the impression her boyfriend wants to end things, after a 4 year on-again, off-again relationship.
  • Scared of Marriage - Rusty
    ..wonders someone knows when they are ready to "take the plunge", after her fiancÚ cancels the wedding plans.
  • What do I do now? - Asia unsure how to turn a friendship with a woman into a romantic relationship, after getting mixed signals from her.
  • How do I go on? - Rookie
    ..wonders about dating others or hanging on, after her boyfriend breaks up with her for the second time in a 7 year relationship.
  • Hard Letting Go - Lula Truelove
    ..can't let go of a relationship where the man is unwilling to commit to anyone.
  • Coming to an end, maybe - Down and Drained
    ...fears his relationship is coming to an end, after several near split-ups.
  • Husband dragging his heels - luise
    ...finds herself resentful at her husband's belated and ambivalent agreement to get involved in joint counseling.
  • Advice needed - Strella confused about where to go from here, after a period of living together with her SO doesn't work.
  • Hang on or let go? - Freedom
    ..wonders if she should hang on to a "nice guy" whose says he cares but makes little effort to show it.
  • Confused - Dave J
    ..finds he and his wife have drifted apart in their 4 year marriage, but is frightened over the thought of taking time apart to sort out things.
  • Could someone help me - Faith hurting because her boyfriend of 3 years wants to take a break in the relationship to see if she's "the one".
  • Confused and hurting - Jess
    ..finds her boyfriend is spending a lot more time with her sister than with her.
  • When to marry.... A question for women - corny
    ..wants to get married to a 21 year old girl he's been dating for 3 years, but she's not ready to commit.
  • At a crossroads - Jan unhappy with the lack of emotional closeness her husband of 18 years is giving her.
  • Helpless - 3-D
    ..feels torn apart, because her boyfriend wants to slow things down, while at the same time saying he wants a long-term commitment.
  • Need Advice on Ultimatum - Amberle
    ..wants to tell her boyfriend of 9 years "Marry me or get lost, because I'm tired of waiting."
  • Guidance - Stamford
    ...has a hard time deciding whether to stay of leave, in an increasingly stormy relationship.
  • So it goes - Steve in a 19 year marriage and receives little intimacy from his wife, who is on anti-depressants.
  • Filling holes - Cautious
    ..finds increasing closeness in the relationship triggering fears and self-doubts.
  • Love or companionship? - Anne
    ..has a good partnership with her husband, yet feels emotional closeness is severely lacking.
  • What do I do - Rose Me
    ..feels shortchanged by a fiancÚ who spends a lot of time out with his buddies after work.
  • Fear of Being Alone - Claudia afraid her fear of abandonment is causing her to react in ways that might make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • How do you know when a man does not love you? - Anne
    ..finds an internet love affair has suddenly changed, after the man begins acting distant.

Newest Entries

  • It's my turn - I need help - wolfie
    ..struggles with her own increasing obsessive behavior, in her relationship with her boyfriend.
  • Women and Inner Peace - Peace
    ...finds his wife having major doubts about many aspects of their 4 year marriage.
  • The pain of dysfunction - Claudia
    ...finds it painful when her boyfriend withdraws into a protective shell, as their relationship deepens.
  • Against the clock - Diane
    ... feels threatened by the increased attention her fiancÚ's ex-girlfriend is showing him, complicated by the nearness of their upcoming wedding.
  • Just married! - Diane confused by feelings of sadness and depression right after getting married.

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