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Questions, responses, & comments about relationships from past forum postings
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  • Problem with traditional views on marriage - Ada
    ...struggles with cultural differences in a relationship with a Malaysian man, who believes that women should be obedient and subservient to their husbands.
  • Unsure about everything - Darkstar
    ..finds herself out of control and anxiety ridden when someone enters her life as a love interest.
  • Should I stay or go - flowerchild miserable in her relationship, yet can't see herself leaving and starting over.
  • Husband Takes Little Interest - Petal
    ..feels exhausted with an unemployed depressed husband who spends little time helping with the kids or housework.
  • Making changes - Anne taking medications for her depression and weight struggles, and finds herself feeling "very unsexual" and afraid her husband may leave her.
  • Mixed messages or just confused? - Kim
    ..asks why she seems to constantly attract and get into relationships with deceptive men.
  • How do I stop dwelling on the Past? - wallflower
    ..wonders how to stop dwelling on her boyfriend's past.
  • Does he really love me - Cin confused because her partner seems to want to quit the relationship whenever they argue.
  • Living with a perfectionist - Dizzy tired of holding two jobs, and living with a unemployed man who has "no patience".
  • Controlling men - Karen
    ..finds her boyfriend gets angry and possessive when she spends time with her estranged husband and children.
  • A little scared - Diane
    ..wants to know how time apart impacts a relationship, after her fiancÚ tells her he'll be touring with a rock band for 6 weeks.
  • Trashy father-in-law - k
    ..has been married for 2 months, and finds it hard to put up with a father-in-law who drinks a lot, and insults her repeatedly.
  • Lack of communication - Jane Doe
    ..wonders how to encourage her husband to read relationship articles and publications to help them tackle communication problems.
  • Paranoid and Jealous - Lloyd
    ..gets panicky whenever her boyfriend talks to other females.
  • Difficulties - SMB
    ..finds her and her boyfriend almost always get side-tracked during discussions and arguments.
  • How do I cope with it all? - Caring
    ..finds anger and frustration in her marriage overwhelming, after her husband is in a serious accident, her sister disappears, and her brother-in-law is found dead.
  • Me - daisy
    ..wonders if she's doomed to having unsuccessful relationships, after discovering she has many codependency traits.
  • Where do I start? - dmg
    ..wonders how she can stop thinking so negatively about her relationship, and how to listen to herself inside.

Newest Entries

  • To Bernd To PD To all - wolfie
    ...wonders how to tell the difference between when someone should stay in a relationship, and when they should leave.
  • I want him to be happy - Unsure sad and lonely, and finds her military husband just can't seem to understand how unhappy she is.
  • Pregnant at 17...what do I do now? - Abby
    ...has her world turned upside down after discovering she's pregnant by her 20 year old boyfriend.
  • Too sensitive - dmg (della)
    ...wonders "how do you just let yourself go in a relationship and not allow different characteristics of your SO get you down or irritate you?"
  • Ready to pack it in - della frustrated over the mind games she feels her boyfriend is playing.
  • Chose between Husband and Daughter - Misery
    ...has ongoing struggles with her husband of 7 years, over his anger and treatment towards her 12 year old daughter.
  • Share your thoughts with me - Luise
    ...wonders if she should inform a minister of her marriage problem, after getting him to counsel her 14 year old daughter for emotional problems.

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