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Questions, responses, & comments about relationships from past forum postings
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  • How to attract people? - Superdave
    ..questions why he has such a difficult time attracting women, a year after being dumped by his last girlfriend.
  • What Am I; Who Am I? - Wheeler
    ..feels confusion and despair, having been paralyzed for 17 years, with his last relationship ending 5 years ago.
  • No more love - Need help unsure about what to do, after his wife says she no longer loves him, yet has given clear signals that she doesn't want a divorce.
  • Gut feelings- E
    ..wants to hear about other people's struggles in trying to understand their gut feelings, as well as other people's experiences with couples therapy.
  • Says she loves me but don't show it - Texas confused and frustrated because his wife has a difficult time expressing and showing him that she loves him.
  • Are material gifts important? - Gift giving dilemma
    ..struggles over buying a "real gift" for his girlfriend, and wonders what meanings are attached to gift giving.
  • Long-Distance relationship - STEVE
    ..finds his girlfriend's religious values have put a damper on his hopes of moving to her state, to be with her fulltime.
  • Prospect Already Has Someone Else - Bert
    ..becomes friends with a girl, but when he tries to deepen the relationship, she tells him she has a commitment with someone else.
  • Respect - confused husband
    ..wishes his wife would stop flying "off the handle" whenever they have a disagreement.
  • Getting Wife Into Joint Counseling - Giver
    ..schedules a first meeting with a couple's counselor, but his wife refuses to go.
  • What do women want? - maelstrom puzzled, because being a "nice guy" hasn't gotten him the relationship he wanted with a woman, who only wants to have him as a friend.
  • I want to stop hurting my fiancee! - Frustrated unable to handle his jealous reactions when his fiancee and her twin sister talk about other guys and "how cute they are".
  • One girl, two guys - Darksoul
    ..meets a girl who already has a boyfriend, and begins a phone relationship with her, but is unable to convince her to leave her boyfriend.

Newest Entries

  • Confusion w/compliments - Steve02 frustrated because his girlfriend finds it hard to accept compliments.
  • VT to RT 'cyber love' - Barry
    ..finds a cyber relationship progressing to a planned real life meeting - over 3,000 miles away.
  • Questioning Everything - Steve02 befuddled by the mixed signals his girlfriend seems to keep giving him.
  • A younger woman - St. Stephen with a rose a 24 year old man dating an 18 year old girl, and wonders if the age difference is okay.

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