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  • A matter of trust - Confused
    ...finds another woman's phone number in her boyfriend's car and wallet.
  • What to do? - Confused II
    ...wonders if she should give up trying. Married 13 years and currently separated, her husband has been involved in an affair for close to a year.
  • How do I heal a broken heart? - Remorseful
    ..has his cybersex affair discovered, and his wife wants an end to the marriage.
  • Something's missing - Confused III
    ..finds herself torn between leaving and staying, a few years after an affair takes the glow out of the relationship.
  • Fight v. flight - Oregon
    ...wonder whether to leave or stay in an 8 year old relationship, after his girlfriend has an affair 4 years after his own affair.
  • Hurting - Firefly
    ...receives less than straight answers from her husband of 8 years, when she questions him about ongoing long-distance phone calls to an ex-girlfriend.
  • Troubled relationship with a friend of the opposite sex - Confused IV
    ...gets conflicting signals from a co-worker he's had a physical affair with, and is still in love with.
  • The awful pain of adultery - Sadder than sad devastated over a new boyfriend's affair, and the betrayal of their shared Christian values.
  • How much to reveal about an affair - Wondering unsure about how much to tell her boyfriend about an outside relationship that included phone sex, but no actual intercourse.
  • Trust - Amberle
    ...finds a suspicious receipt for drinks, after her boyfriend has admitted an attraction to a woman at work.
  • Trust - Daisy
    ...battles with fears of her boyfriend cheating, after a history of both partners making choices that lessen trust in the relationship.
  • How long to try? - Oregon
    ...wonders how long to give the effort of rebuilding the relationship after his girlfriend's affair, because it seems like she isn't really trying in their joint counselling sessions.
  • My husband cheated - Unsure Wife
    ...feels bored and unhappy, after taking back her ex-husband following the breakup of their 13 year relationship because of his affairs.
  • After the Affair - Mzet
    ...agonizes over how to repair a 9 1/2 marriage that includes 4 children, in light of his wife's on again/off again affair with an outside lover.
  • Wife continuing her affair - Mzet
    ...discovers his wife's affair is still going on, and finds himself devastated and wanting to end the marriage.
  • Infidelity - Still Brokenhearted
    ...still feels devastated 5 years after the breakup of a 15 year relationship with an alcoholic who left her for a woman 10-15 years older.
  • Can the guilty partner help the innocent party after infidelity?- Uneasy
    ...wonders if and how he can help an ex-girlfriend who is sinking into deep depression, after he cheated on her and left for his current girlfriend.
  • Mixed Up - Mixed
    ...doesn't have her heart in rebuilding a marriage that she came back to mainly because of the children, following her affair and a temporary breakup.
  • Loving two men in two different ways - alone
    ...wonders whether she should have tried harder to make a stormy and difficult 12 year marriage work after her affair, while having jitters about committing to her new boyfriend.
  • Being Possessive - Auriane
    ..feels threatened by the amount of time her boyfriend of 6 years spends on the phone with his female cousin.
  • I'm hurting too much to go on - Untrusting devastated after discovering her sister slept with her husband.
  • Do people change? - Robert
    ...asks if his 50 year old girlfriend can change her spots after she admits to having numerous affairs in the past.
  • How can I trust again? - Hurting1
    tries to begin rebuilding a 16 year marriage, after his wife has an affair with a long-time friend.
  • Should I date this married man? - Confused in Seattle
    ...wants to become more involved with a married man, but is unsure what she'll have to deal with.
  • Distancing by cheating - Kristine
    is distressed by her boyfriend's open flirting, and wonders whether it's his way of dealing with his intimacy struggles.
  • After an affair - Mzet
    ...believes his wife has finally stopped cheating, but is finding it difficult to handle her lack of feelings toward him.
  • Wife staying but still in love with her lover - tom
    ..wonders how to get his wife to love him again, after she has an affair with her boss but decides to stay in the marriage because of the children.
  • Resentment, anger after an affair - Mzet
    ...finds overwhelming anger and resentment pouring out of both him and his wife as they take the first difficult steps of trying to mend their marriage.
  • Adultery - tmw
    ...asks what stages a person goes through after their partner leaves them for a new lover, especially when children are involved.
  • An effort to come back - Mzet
    ..gets a spark of new hope in rebuilding after his wife's affair, after seeing two significant changes in their relationship.
  • Help!!! - Mzet
    ..discovers his wife has started a new affair with a whole new lover, and is at the end of his rope trying to cope.
  • My attorney is going to fire me! - Mzet
    ..takes another huge leap of faith after his wife shows her first serious desire to work on the marriage, following his decision to start divorce proceedings.
  • Afraid of the answer - Robert
    .. has anxious thoughts about a planned meeting between his girlfriend and an online "friend" of hers.
  • Scared To Death - pd
    ..finds conflicting feelings of guilt and love driving her in a ping-pong pattern, leaving her marriage for a cyberlover, then coming back, then leaving again, then.

Newest Entries

  • Dealing with the affair - Hern
    ...discovers his wife has been having an affair, and is pregnant from her lover.
  • How to re-start love - Mzet
    ..wonders why it is so hard for people to recapture feelings of love for a partner, after that love is initially lost.
  • Mentally Cheating? - steve02
    ..discovers an unfinished love letter his girlfriend has been writing to a married man.
  • Trying to get over it - Hurting
    ..wishes she could get over hurting so much, after she and her husband try to rebuild their marriage in the aftermath of his affair.
  • Her feelings still haven't changed - Tom
    finds it hard that his wife hasn't regained any feelings of love for him, after she decided to work on their marriage after her affair.
  • Trust - scully
    ...feels shut out by her much older CEO boyfriend, and is worried that he still talks to some former girlfriends.
  • Divorce after an affair (or two) - mzet
    ...decides to go ahead with a divorce, after unsuccessful attempts to rebuild the marriage after his wife's affair.
  • Why do I feel so terrible - Separated
    ...can't eat or sleep, after throwing her husband out of the house for having an affair during her pregnancy.
  • Affair in Iowa - Tore up in Iowa
    ...has a hard time even looking at his wife after her affair.
  • Recovering - Hern unsure about how to deal with sexual issues, after he and his wife begin counseling in the aftermath of her affair.
  • Feeling like a fool - Texan
    ..begins having deep feelings for a female friend, after his former lover leaves to return to her husband.
  • To Bernd/Lynda- duped
    ..discovers the man she has been having a 2 year long-distance relationship with is living with another woman.
  • Virtual love - Lilly
    ...has a cyber relationship turn serious, causing problems in her marriage and in her cyberlover's marriage.
  • Help! - Just Me
    ..wants to leave an unhappy 5 year marriage, and finds her willingness to try their counselor's suggestions complicated by her feelings for an online "friend".
  • VT to RT relationships - Barry
    ..gets loud warning signals that his cyberlover has started a real life relationship with another man.
  • Feeling Really Rotten - PD
    ..finds herself in ongoing misery, after leaving her lover before returning to her husband to try and make the marriage work again.
  • Recovering from affair, but not really - rose
    ... is still having a difficult time 2 years after her husband's affair with a co-worker, especially since he still works with his ex-lover.
  • To: Bernd, et al - Lady "G"
    ..looks for advice in her wish to get more deeply involved with a married man.
  • The guilty one - Katy having a hard time trying to patch things up with her husband, after she responded non-sexually to a pass his cousin made.

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