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  • In Love With A Sex Addict - Shy scared about trusting that her boyfriend will stop practicing his sex addiction, even though he's begun counselling and going to support meetings.
  • Loneliness - Clovis perplexed why her alcoholic partner has stopped talking to her, after taking care of him for 3 years.
  • Hurt and Finding it Hard to Cope - Sad Eyes
    ..finds it hard to trust her SO, after multiple broken promises and lies about giving up his addiction to pornography.
  • Married twice to the same guy - twice
    ...doesn't love her partner anymore, after divorcing, and then remarrying him because of their children after he got treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Courage or Cowardice? - Susan
    ...feels out of place at an S-Anon meeting, because she broke up with her sex addict partner, while other members at the meeting are still with their husbands who are attending Sexaholics Anonymous.
  • One loves, One doesn't. What to do? - SoberJoe
    ..has 70 days sobriety in AA, but finds his wife is becoming more withdrawn from him, and rejects his efforts to coax her into Al-anon.
  • Dishonesty - Misty
    ...leaves a 25 year abusive marriage, only to find herself involved with a recovering alcoholic who constantly lies to her and has ongoing relationship and sex addictions.
  • Addiction - Confused
    ..has been married to a marijuana addict for 4 years, and doesn't feel she can put up with the situation much longer.
  • Alcoholism - Stacey in love after 6 months, but has become increasingly aware that her boyfriend has a drinking problem.
  • I can't trust my husband - CC
    ..has more and more difficulty trusting her husband - who admits he's a sex addict - when he says he won't have an affair.
  • New husband - Emma
    ...discovers to her horror 7 days after getting married that her new husband is STILL a full-blown sex and pornography addict, after having lied to her about being in recovery and saying he was attending regular support meetings.
  • Tired of being Understanding - CC
    ..feels her husband is using his sex addiction to take advantage of her, and wonders how to stop being a doormat.
  • Hurt feelings - ana
    ... is confused and frustrated over her workaholic boyfriend's constant attempts to push her away emotionally.
  • Infidelity with an alcoholic - cancer
    ..has a hard time getting her alcoholic boyfriend to leave after his affair, because of his medical conditions.
  • Husband using pornography - hopeful
    ...finds postings from the Forum Archives help her porn-addicted husband better understand the seriousness of his problem, and her feelings about it.

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