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Questions, responses, & comments about relationships from past forum postings
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  • When to let go - Unlucky in love trying to cope in a second marriage with an emotionally abusive husband.
  • Verbal Abuse - Damaged Shields in a verbally abusive relationship, and wishes her SO could just lose his anger and stop being rude to her.
  • Panic Attacks - Damaged Shields
    ..wonders about the connections between panic attacks, and stresses of a bad relationship.
  • More abuse - Damaged Shields
    ..looks for insight into why men choose to be physcially abusive, after the abuse in her relationship escalates.
  • New Light Is Shining - Damaged Shields
    ..decides to give her relationship another try after leaving, when her boyfriend apologizes profusely and shows genuine interest in getting help to deal with his issues.
  • At the end of my rope - Damaged Shields
    ..finds herself exhausted trying to cope with her boyfriend's constant negativity and "dark cloud of gloom".
  • Pregnant and confused - Carol thinking of having an abortion, in light of her boyfriend's continued abusiveness.
  • Pain and Emotion transferrance - Damaged Shields
    ..wonders why abusive people dump their pain on others, and how to deal with them when they do.
  • Cosmic Kick in the Butt - Damaged Shields
    ..loses her job, and is tired of running.
  • At the end of my rope - Part 2 - Damaged Shields
    ..finds her life falling disasterously apart, and questions why she ever chose to take her boyfriend back.
  • Help a failed marriage - Desperate
    ...realizes he has been mentally abusive after his wife leaves him, and wants to change, but is afraid it's too late.
  • Friend's boyfriend - anonymous
    ..feels a close friend's boyfriend treats her like crap, and wonders how to convince her to leave him.
  • Abuse - Daisy
    ...finds herself unable to end a very abusive relationship, despite her boyfriend landing in jail.
  • Square One? - Damaged Shields
    ...gets another round of abusive treatment after giving her boyfriend another chance, and decides to move home for a while.
  • Emotional Abuse - Gold Church
    ...finds the physical and emotional abuse he's suffered from women and men has left him terrified of letting women get close to him.
  • Forgiveness - Isis
    ..asks how she can ever forgive her step-father for molesting her as a child?
  • To: Josie - Trish
    ...shares her past experiences in an abusive marriage.

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